banking 2222

The website: offers a bank worked only thrugh the internet. Users can create an account, and do all the tradional and new bank operations through the website.

The website tryies to bring in costumers who are easily involved in computer websites systems, with enough skills to manage anything that has to do with different kinds of software systems. Its more focused in people that want to have less banking costs, as cero Euro commissions, free credit and debit cards, and no cost for national transferences.

The bank offers differents kinds of accounts: standard accounts (traditional accounts); debit accounts (with special offers when you trasladate your own payroll); inverstment accounts (with different interest rates, to grow the saves)
Regarding the credit and debit cards, ING offers free commissions and no anual cost for any of their credit and debit cards.

Costumers there can do anykind of operations, more the less, the bank only operates through the internet website
You can do any kind of national and european transnational capital transference; as well as payments, checks, and inverstment founds.
Users may also keep in touch with their founds, investments, accounts, cards, etc. as long as they get to know how to use it.

The most interesting thing we can talk about the website is the 2% payment back of every bills. That means that users may not only save money with no commissions (fresh banking, as they call it) but also from the high investment rates and the 2 % bills back payment.

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