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I choose a website created to promote London. The URL is

This website is directed to a big population’s sector, formed by people with many different characteristics, for example people can be from different countries, have different reasons to visit London or different economic level. This website is directed to millions of people independently of the necessities that each person may have.

In this website you can find all the information that you can imagine about this city for example if you don’t know where you can go to sleep you can choose between a hotel, apartments, hostels and camping, homestay, caravans… This web has all the information for satisfying your necessities.
It would be an error to think this web only contains information about really expensive places as it can also proportionate information about the cheapest hotels of the city. As this website says, “You don't have to spend a fortune to have a great time in London”.

If you're on a budget, check out these great ideas and get more value for your money. From free attractions to cheap food and drink, your trip to London can be really cheap!

We can also find a section dedicated to the places of London that you should visit because they have an historical great importance, for example you can choose the category (attractions, eating out, shopping, pubs& bars, open spaces, sports…) and after clicking, the website look for you information about museums, galleries or the typical visit to the Buckingham Palace. The advantage of this website is that it gives you the possibility to buy in the moment the tickets for the visits of the museums by internet.

It is possible that you don’t need information of the centre of London; there is also another section about the different areas of London. This web it is not only dedicated to the tourist, also to the population of this city as they can find information about different activities they can do in their free time and different trips to different areas.

London is made up of a rich variety of villages, all just waiting to be explored. You’ll find plenty to see and to do, from charming shops and restaurants to local galleries and museums

You can find different maps of London that will help you to move in the city, you can find information about the underground, about the airport or for example where you can find a police station.

You can find a section dedicated “ people like you” which it is divided in different groups like : luxury London, London on a budget, young London, kids love London, tripadvisor and visit London, gay and lesbian London, green, family, business…

As a conclusion, in this website you can find a lot of information about London and their outskirts. You can plan your family trip or your business trip with a lot of easiness.

I have to recognise that I was very surprise with the section dedicated to “people like you” because I know that all the cities have a website with the most important things that you can find in that city and they give you the possibility to organize a travel but I have never seen this section before. I have also I found interesting sections about the city in the section of “places to go”

To conclude this website is very easy as everyone cam look for information about London perhaps they have no idea about informatics, and this is a very important point so it can be accessible to everyone who desire to plan they travel.

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