This website offers advise and guides on many different subjects, from employment to leisure. In the section of stocks and shares it focuses on family finance. The guide gives basic knowledge about investment. It defines from a share to a yield. Although the guide is under the section of family, it is a guide that any new investor can use. It tells one what to expect when investing in a company and where the profit is.Overall, investing, according to How to Books, is quite simple. One begins by buying a share of a company. When purchasing the stock one must check the P/E ratio, which explains the number of years of earnings that are necessary to pay for the stock which according to the Financial Times it is 13.7. This share gives the investor the right to a vote, entrance to the AGM (annual general meeting) and most important a part of the company’s assets. Although, there are some stocks which do not give the right to a vote, but they few and slowly disappearing. One has to check the nominal share value, which is the original asset value of the company. Although a company may make a lot of money, but only part of its profit are paid as dividends. With the yield of the stock one can verify how well the company is doing.

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