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In this page they make an easy explanation of what the shares are. As well as the intrinsic things related at it, example of that are the assets, Nominal Share Value, …
The shares make that investors take proporcionally part of the company, depending from his investment, taking by that manner more or less importance in the Annual General Meeting (here they take the most important decissions).
The assets are all that icrease the value of the company (cash, property, …)
Most of shares have a nominal value, firstly it represented the value of the assets, and the capacity of obtein money by the company that mainly are the issued shared capital of the company. There are another shares that do not lend you to vote that are denomined with an “A”. It is like that because by this manner the founding family, does not lose his importance. But this shares are not in vogue.
The dividend of a company is that part of the profit paid to the shareholders for each share. Is a percentage. The Price Yield, is a way to make that the dividend do not get much danger, it was discovered by the F.T. The P/E (price to earnings) ratio measures how many years of earnings per share at the current share price would be needed to pay for the share. At last, but not for this reason less important, is the Yield. Generally is expressed as a net percentage of the not nominal share price.

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