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When an investor buys a share signify that he is buying a part of the company. He receives a dividend and if he is a great owner of share he will have right to vote and influence in the decisions of the company.

The value of shares is composed in first place for the value of the assets of the company. When it is sells on the market, the price is the nominal value sum the capacity of gaining money. The total of the nominal issues shares is the issued shared capital of the company.

The assets of the company are composed by the cash-flow and the company’s stock of raw materials and work-in-hand less its liabilities in the form of borrowing or payment to creditors.
Usually the shareholders haven’t got right to vote in the decisions of the company. The shares permit to finance the company left the founders of the same one to direct it. The shares are left popular than stocks.

The dividend is the part of the profit which receives the investors. A part of the profits are destined for dividends and other one the funding of the company.

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