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This text was extracts from the book "investing in stocks and shares" written by the Dr. John White.
The first parts talks about the shares, a share is one part what it is divided the company to enter in the stock exchange.
The second paragraph is about assets, and what they comprise: cash in hand, property, work in hand…
The third part is about "the nominal share value", this is the price of the share and in the text explains since it is obtained and it can be changing day after day.
Next paragraph is called "the dividend and its cover". It is a proportion about the profit. Once part it is for the shareholder and the other part is retained to fund internal growth of the company.
Last but not least, the paragraph called "P/E Ratio" and it is about the price to earnings, and measure how many years of earning per share at the current share price would be needed to pay for the share.
Finally, "the yield", it is another important measure of a company's performance. He speaks about the yield in the countries and because on lower than the interest.

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