The proposed text is a set of definitions relating with the shares. In where explaining the meaning of shares, the assets, the nominal shares value, the dividend and its cover, the yield, and others.

The first definition are about the shares in witch say that with a shares you recive a dividend one or twice a year, you have also a stake in the companie assets and a vote proportional with your number of shares in the annual general meeting.

The assets are: Is the set of tangible and intangible goods that owns the company. Are considered assets to those goods that have a high probability of generating an economic benefit to the futur and to recive the economic benefits that the property provides.

the nominal share value: Is the value of the share when the companie sell it for first time in markets. The total of nominal issued shares is the issued shares capital of the company.

the dividend and its cover: The dividend is the part of the benefits of companie that they paid to the shareholders, as the number of shares that have. The term "cover" refers to that there are times when you save a portion of the profits to distribute the dividend in lean years.

The P/E Ratio: Is the estimates time required to recover the money invested in shares. even though its not really true because not all dividends are paid, however you can sold it at any time and recive the market price.

the Yield: Is an important type measure of a company's performance, and is typically expressed as a net percentage. Its usually that the yield are lower than interest obtained by investment in local bonds, but the risk is also lower.

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