shares 1989

In the first paragraph what the author wants us to know is what are the actions of a company are. He explains that the actions are part of the undertaking given to the investor. Later he writes about the assets of a company which are property, land and capital of the company. Then he spokes of the nominal value of the shares representing the value of corporate assets, the total adition of the nominal value of the shares of a company gives us its capital. There are also non-voting shares of some companies. The original idea of these actions is to enable the company to belong to the family that founded the company.
The company is a divident of that proportion of profits paid to its owners. The rest is retained to finance internal growth of the company. Then he speaks of the price performance of a company that is the coverage of the dividends of that company, with respect to P/E Ratio he tells us that the benefits of a company are their earnings. If we divide the profits of a company among their shares we get earnings per share.
Finally he writes about the performance, which is another important step in the behaviour of a company, the lower performance of a company reflects its potencial growth.

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