The text talks about the shares and some measures of development of a company.

The first part of the article contains the rights, obligations and the purpose of having shares, like voting in the annual general meeting (AGM), declare once or twice a year and the aim have dividends.

Next to it, the text explains us what is covered by the word “Assets”, cash, properties…taking away liabilities.

The dividend is the proportion of its profit that the company gives to the shareholder, the other part of the profit is destined to the company’s growth.
The number of times that a company could have paid its net dividend is the cover of the dividend.

The author shows us by an example of the Great Universal Stores the measures. It started with the Price Yield and says that the cover of dividend of Great Universal Stores is 1.9.

P/E Ratio measures the years the earnings per share (eps), which is the amount of earnings divided by the number of shares, takes to pay the price of the share.

The last one is the yield, which measures the performance of a stock. It’s always expressed in percentage after income tax ,it’s usually lower than the interest and it’s different in each country.

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