The information of this website is all about shares. It is an extract from a book called " Investing in Stokes and Shares". This book gives information of the vital things of investing and also important things which are not as vital. To begin they explain the definition of sharing and the existence of an anual general meeting.

Properties, as buildings or lands, are include in the company´s assets. Most shares have a nominal value, in general 25p. Shares represent the value of the business or the capacity to make money.The total of all shares issued is the issued share capital of the company.
There are also non-voting shares which enjoy most of the benefict of others shares. However they are less important.

This extract on one hand explain the profict, the proportion of the profit that every shareholder own.

On the other hand there are other ways of measuring the company's performance like P/E radio or the Yield. The first one is a relation between the earnings per save and the price of the shares. The yield is typically expressed as a net percentage of the current share price.

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