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Publimedia is a company of ACS group, which is a leading company of the exploitation advertising in means of transports with annual audience over 1.400 millions of passengers at the year.
Publimedia is concessionary of the advertising administration of:
- Madrid underground
- AENA, about 25 airports in Spain
- Madrid interchange transports
Its process is totally designed for solving the comunictation needs of the advertisers, having a competitive team that offers quality, professionalism, technique and innovation in each plan.
Publimedia, also has developed too much complex plans like T4 of Madrid airport or stations of AVE like Delicias in Zaragoza.
It tries to find something new and impatient that achieve the advertiser’s objectives.
Publimedia created its Marketing area which is able to define, produce and introduce in an infraestructure, a product that cause impact quality and efficacy for the advertiser, generating a extraordinary contact between this one and the advertising brand.

Personally, I think Publimedia is actually very important company because is able to influence everybody about some products with only a visual image. This fact is possible owing to Publimedia’s workers, are qualyfied people. Likewise and secundaryly, it has a enormous importance for others companys because they can copy its original models of making advertising for carring out its objectives. So, I believe this firm is one of the most famous in Spain but I considerer it will expand its business out of Spain.

Simeón Berenguer Andreu

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