The promotion and advertising though they seem to be similar, are very different among them. The promotion is a couple of tools that have as aim fomented the sales of a product and the profit of the company. The advertising is one of the four tools of the promotion, in those who are included: public relations, sales promotion and personal selling.

The advertising consist of inform to the costumer and try to persuade in order that he buys a specific product or brand. There are many different advertising media that allow making come the message to the masses, perhaps: billboards, advertisements or ads in newspapers, television, cinema, radio and so on. The most expensive are the advertisements in television and magazines but they are the most popular too. This type of promotion allows selling the product to a certain public. The danger of the advertising is that if one abuses of them, it can provoke the opposite effect. The people get tired of seeing it and end up by detesting it.

Personal selling consists of a personal treatment with the costumer in whom one presents the product or the brand. It is a complement of the publicity. It approaches a specific public taking care of the reputation and the quality of the brand. The disadvantage of this promotion tool is his high cost. The sellers can see the impressions of the costumers and can teach them how to use the product. The costumer feels security in the brand and he is encouraged to buy.

Sales promotions attempt to stimulate the sales or sell large quantities at a given time. The most common measures are coupons, price reduction, offers such as two for one and so on. The last example is used in supermarkets when there are a very large stock of a product and a danger to expire that suppose a lost for the company.

Public relations (PR) are the most important element of the publicity. The products or the brand in question is mentioned or appears in the media. It has a low cost than the advertisement and is widely accepted by the consumers.

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