Nowadays, the companies have many facilities and possibilities to promote their products or marks worldwide.The promotion of a brand is basically to reach as many potential clients within a short period of time using as less resources as possible. Along the history, the routes of promotion have been closely related to the existing mass media in every moment. In the last twenty years, thanks to the development of the communications, companies have been allowed to have multiple ways to promote their products. The methods that have been more classical, are still being used by the companies. These methods are the advertisement in paper (newspapers, magazines…) and they are characterized by its low price. This method has an inconvenient, which is that they can’t reach a large amount of people. Another way of getting to the people is through mail. Mailing principal characteristic is that it can be personalized and his biggest disadvantage is how long it takes to get the information to the clients.The second stage will be occupied by analogical systems of communication: telephone, which is characterized by its high speed and the capacity to personalize the information that you are sending; television and radio which are as well really fast but can’t personalize the information that is being transmitted. Currently, the use of internet has become an essential tool for everyone of us, replacing any other mass media. This is a consequence of its low cost and its great capacity to reach everyone, everywhere.

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