Marketing create needs and they often give an illusion or a promise of a better life with their strategies for increase their profits.
The different ways and tools that the sellers use are the following ones:
The basic elements that shape a strategy of marketing are the related ones to the segmentation, the positioning and the combination of marketing, marketing mix with the method of the four Ps: product, place, promotion and place, and the different studies of these, for example the study of the product, with the quality, aspect, brand, guarantee, advertising, communication, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling .Place, the time and the correct quantities are important at the moment of promotes a product, the location, market coverage, internet, mobileā€¦ Price has always been a variable very sensitive to the consumers, especially with the discounts of the price and the different offers, though also it has an irrational side, since for example the most expensive thing is the better thing.
Advertising (it almost is impossible not to be influenced by advertising, they decide who will want to buy their product and the message is directed at the customers).
Public relation (they are very important because they create/consolidate confidence and protect the image of the company).
Personal selling (it is the most expensive promotional tool , it is often the only person from a company that the customers see).
Sales promotion consists in incentives of short term, to the consumers, to the members of the distribution channel or to the business equipments, which seek to increase the purchase.
Advantages and disadvantages
Marketing can increase the sales of the product and improve the image of the company, so it separate from the other products.
Marketing allows us to obtain an information about needs and interests of our clients.
In some population's segments, the entering is not very high, an early promotion can cause losses.

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