What different ways can companies use to promote their products or brands?

Usually, companies use different tools to promote their products and brands. Promotion is basically a couple of tools that have as principal aim increase the company’s sales and consequently its profits.
From many years ago, companies have realized that they had the need to develop good products and services, price them attractively, and make them accessible to their target customers.
In my opinion, there are four standard promotion tool which help companies to promote their products and brands. Advertising, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling are the four of them.

Advertising is well known by companies. The best form of advertising is probable word-of-mouth, which occurs when people tell their friends about the benefits of products or services that they have yet purchased.
Advertisement on TV, radio, newspaper, cinema, posters, etc. are the most common ways little-medium companies use to promote their products.
Sales promotions such as free samples, coupons, price reductions, competitions, and so on are designed to stimulate either earlier or stronger sales of a product.
Public relations are those who are responsible for raising awareness of the brand and bring them it to customers.
Finally, personal selling is characterized for being person-to-person communication with the final intention of selling their products.

Since budgets are always limited, marketers usually have to decide which tools to use and in what proportion, depending on the goal to be achieved.

On the other hand, when promoting a brand is on the company’s principal aim, strategies can change. Companies are very careful when taking decision because of the brands image. The brand name and the brands loyalty is the most important thing. It gives the product an image, a quality, a leadership and a responsibility. Coca-Cola is not the company which spends the most on promotion. This is because they have created a great image and a great product and that’s why Coca-Cola’s sales never decrease drastically.

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