Companies have differente ways to promote their products and servicies so as to inform consumers in an efficient way.The marketing department of the company is responsible for accepting the budgets.There are a lot of ways of promoting like ``word of mouth´´ advertising because the consumers talk about the benefits of products they have acquired,TV,radio,internet…,these depends on the budget taht the company sets.
The four promotional tools are in first place are advertising(communication and information of the products) followed by sales promotion(incentives to stimulate sales of the product),public relations(are those who are responsible for raising awareness of the brand and bring it to consumers) and personal selling(person to person communication with the intention of selling).
Consumers must know alll the features of the product and a good way to buy is used as a brand name of our product an easy name to remember.
There are also more ways of advertising;like the website because there are milions of web surfing a day and they can see the advertisements that appear at the site continuously.
Companies are interested in creating differences between them because they can compete in the market with products with similar characteristics.

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