Companies have many ways to promote their products and make themselves known in the market for the sale and capture those goals need to be complemented with a good strategy. Thanks to the advanced technology of today, companies have the easiest to capture public attention. This has to be made in the short term and taking the main idea of reducing costs. The main feature of the promotion is to achieve an immediate increase in sales through an additional incentive to buy now. The company may be interested in improving the company image, competitive advantages, enhance their leadership ..
Advertising is a mass communication and impersonal a sponsor who pays and where this is clearly identified. The most famous are the announcements in the media (Newspapers, radio, television. Hoardings). Almost invariably, companies try to attract consumers through the media. Some other more common but usually more expensive and are not as effective as the popular word of mouth. The most inexpensive and common. This is an expensive but easy to attract customers in the short term because it makes the product they need.
Secondly, companies are seeking through the sale of low price. They are sales promotions that may be accompanied by a gift or a lower price. This technique is an activity whose purpose is to complement and facilitate the advertising sales staff. Some of the most popular activities are the sale of promotional merchandise, gifts, discounts or Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The disadvantage is that this is useful for a short time, but customers come into a store to purchase more than they had thought. Often this led to the consumer. But most of the time seeks to encourage the sales forces of the company, or other members of distribution channel.
Third, are the sales staff. This activity takes place face to face and in a straightforward manner. It is a great advantage because the customer has a sales staff and was well attended. It is more expensive compared to other promotional tools but often effective.
My view is that companies have a good technique to promote always lead their sector.

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