The best way of advertising, is the word-of-mouth advertising. In this type of advertising people tell their friends or family about a new product. This is a good way of promoting a brand because using this technique people will know faster how your product is, and as this information comes from a friend, you will trust him more than the advertisements. A disadvantage might be lack of objectivity about product quality.
But there are also other ways of advertising. You can promote your product on different advertising media such as bill boards, sponsorships or other media (television, radio, newspaper…).
Bill boards are big boards located on roads. An advantage is that much people see them, but they might see them but not pay atention to the message.
Companies can also promote their products sponsoring formula 1 cars, football teams…This way of promoting a companies brand is very expensive but effecive because most sponsored sports are on television, therefor many people will see your advertisement.
In the case of the televison, radio and newspaper, the information about the brand will reach most of the population. The disadvantage is that promoting a product in these media is also expensive.
For making a good advertising campaign it is necessaire promotional tools. Apart from advertising, the public relations in a company are vital. The target of the public relations is improving the image of the brand and the product. Sales promotions is also important. The fact that people can find price reductions on some products can fire sales. The last promotional tool is the personal selling. The disadvantage of this tool is it’s high price. This is why personal selling is used as a complement to advertising.

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