The companies have more different ways for promote his products, for have the more profits and attract the consumers attencion.Since budgets are always limited, marketers usually have to decide wich tools to use, and in what proportion.The four major promotional tools are: advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling.

First of all, advertising, is the most important for promote, because is the first for the consumers. The principal disadvantages is that is very expensive and only the big companies can buy. The best form of advertising is propably the word of mouth but it can be more: magazine, tv, radio, cinema, newspaper…

Secondly, public relations (abreviated PR), is an expensive strategy and protect the image of a company product. This is the face to face way of promoting. It is not controlled by the company and it can be negative in some occasion.

The third way is sales promotion. It is for stimulate either earlier or stronger sales of a product. There are a variety of options to choose such as free samples, cupons, price reductions, competitions…

Finally, personal selling, is the most expensive promote because you have a person in order thar it promotes the product, assisting customers with possible technical problems… it is very specialized for the company to promote the product the best possible form.

In conclusion, you must choose the better promotion for your product and with them to obtain the best benefits, the best benefits it is the principal priority of a company.

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