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Companies not only have to produce good products, but they also have to make them attractive to the consumers. In order to do this, companies can use different ways, like advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling.

ADVERTISING – Companies must inform their customers about their products or services, in order to get the people to buy them. Companies can use their own advertising departments or can contract an external adveritising agency. Depending on the budget, there are different types of advertising, like mass media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, cinema, internet, etc…), classified ads, sponsors… But the most effective and cheapest way of advertising is the word-of-mouth.

PUBLIC RELATIONS - PR is used by companies to improve their image in respect of consumers in general. One of the instruments is publicity, by which they show the features that will improve the opinion that people will have of the company. Publicity normally is cheapest than advertising and more effective.

SALES PROMOTION – They are strategies created to promote sales in a specific time or place. The purpose is to attract clients to the sales points, so that they want to buy more products or products that they didn’t want to buy. They can use promotions like free samples, two for one product, vouchers, discounts, prizes, travels, etc. Promotions can be used with distributors, dealers and retailers in order to promote products instead of others.

PERSONAL SELLING – This is a selling channel using individual people to contact clients. This is the most expensive way, but it has other advantages like individual relations, personal assistance and advising customers with their technical problems. It is also a way to pick up information about the feelings of their clients.

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