In general, companies use different ways to promote their products and try to capture as much clients as they can. Their main objective is to make themselves known in the market and try to have the highest quantity of profits. We can identified: advertising, sales promotions, public relations and personal selling.

Advertising is a method in which companies informs people about the existence and benefits of products and try to convince them to buy. We can find different ways of advertising like billboards, classified ads or sandwich boards. In fact the best form and also the cheapest is the word-of-mouth advertising in which the only thing you have to do is to cause a good image to the customer. Excepting word-of-mouth advertising, in general are very expensive and also you have the possibility of abusing it and provoke the opposite effect you would like to have in customers.

Sales promotions are designed to stimulate clients to buy as much products as they can. Free samples, coupons or price reductions are different ways of increasing sales. The advantage of this method is that you can have the possibility of selling some products that are in the decline stage and could be substitued by new ones. A possible disadvantage is that in general the products that are sell with this method may have less quality.

Personal selling is a method in which you have personal treatment with the staff. It is shown as a complement of advertising. The advantage of this method is that staff can solve any problem or regard you could have and also the client has the information very clear. However the most important disadvantage is that is really expensive because the company have to expend a huge amount of money in special sales representatives.

The most important element of Public relation (PR) is publicity. It is shown as the opposite of advertising because you do not have to pay too much for it. The most important advantage is that can have a huge impact on public awareness. In fact, you can have the problem of where you can place the publicity. You have to find special places where public will see it.

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