Joaquin Barallat Marquez
Ingles 1
Homework on Advertising
March 5, 2009

The website I have chosen for this assignment is www.grey.com. This belongs to one of the World’s leading advertising companies: Grey Global Group Inc.

This company, usually referred to as Grey, was originally established in New York back in 1917. It has grown since then to being present in 96 countries with 432 offices. It employs 6,500 people, and produced revenues of 1.5 billion dollars in 2007.

Grey’s website is very appealing and extremely well designed, as should be expected from such a creative company. In my opinion, this website is aimed at three sets of public:

1. Clients, both existing and potential.
2. Prospective employees.
3. Journalists searching for detailed information on Grey.

Grey’s website shows its capabilities, global reach (offices), client names and examples. It also presents Grey’s leaders and qualified members of their international team. It includes a shortcut to their specific website of their operations in Spain. And this is done by making use of three funny animated characters. There creatures are dressed as astronauts or Martians, make weird noises, and navigate the visitor through the website.

A client can get a very good feeling of Grey’s experience, and a potential recruit may get all this information, while finding this company very compelling and exiting to work for.

The website allows visitors to gather detailed information by clicking on the following labels on the top of their home page:

 Capabilities. This shows the different business segments and divisions of the company.

 Philosophy. In here, a short video of the CEO, describes how Grey is different or “better” than their competitors. This is known as their “value proposition”. It is funny to see how the three little creatures that guide through the presentation, sit down and listen carefully to the CEO speech.

 Leadership. All division and country leaders provide a brief statement about what they think of their business, with their picture and position in the company.

 Network. A very flashy Earth globe shows all their geographic locations, with contact names and details.

 Clients. Names and logos of their most important clients. Also shown is since when these clients work with Grey (sometimes for many years), and their most representative assignments. This information is intended to impress new clients, and prospective recruits as well.

 Cases. In this area, one can find very detailed information about Grey’s most visible advertising or marketing campaigns, carried out worldwide for multiple and diverse clients.

 News. This shows press releases and other information on Grey and its work, that reinforces how strong and capable they are.

 Contact. In here, prospective clients can contact Grey’s CEO, Jim Heekin, by phone or email. Journalists can approach their Chief Communications Officer. And applicants for career opportunities can ask about vacancies, and even send their C.V. for consideration.

I found Grey’s website very interesting and full of information. Their three characters, dressed as Martians, in three different colors, and making funny noises, add a humorous note. This is intended to entertain visitors while they navigate through their website, and shows Grey’s creativity. Also, since the three Martians do different things under each section of the website, encourage curiosity is encouraged. They do a great job in enhancing the impact of a visit.

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