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Firms know that social networks are a good marketing tool as it helps them to promote their own companies and make any kind of message get to a larger number of people;but on the other hand it can lead to damaging publicity.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic were affected by this as members of their crew posted bad comments about the safety and the cleanliness in the airplanes as well as some other comments criticizing the customers. This caused Virgin Atlantic to fire 13 employees from their cabin crew and that in BA it´s necessary for employees to follow the rules of the contract they previously signed.
To make bad critics on customers using a social network means that staff is not well educated and they must know that this is a way of damaging a company.Therefore, the news comments that specialists in communication warn about the use of social networks and suggest to educate employees better on how to use the internet in order to avoid that kind of injuries to their image.

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