This text is about the problems that some firms, like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, have had with networks such as “Facebook” or MySpace. What happened is that some of the employees posted some rude and derogative information about some of the stuff of the plane or about some passengers. In British Airways the workers sign a policy that prohibits them from posting information about the enterprise online. But even with this and with the education that the two firms have given to their members, the staff keeps doing it and they do not know what to do. Even though, what it is worst, as a boss from a Public Relations firms says, is that whatever you say online, it is enlarge by these networks. So now that they have discovered what it has been going on, because this was even increased when a passenger complained or the member disliked him/her, they are trying to look for a solution. Therefore, they should try to fix it, before the problem grows even more.

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