My homework

The webpage I have chosen is because nowadays it is one of the most popular brands in the world. Abercrombie stores are very limited, there are only in United States and in London, that make this brand more attractive to their customers because it is more eclusive.

At the beginning it was directed to teenagers but it has all type of customers (kids, men and women).

In the webpage we can see the different cloth of each season, you can also buy by the net and they send it you at home, it doesn´t matter where are you from. If you join abercrombie they inform you about the changes, sales, offers sendingn the customer an e-mail at least once a month. You can download photos, videos, calendars…

It has surprised me a lot the possibility of buying by internet because being an exclusive brand not easy to buy in stores, here you have your cloth at home in one week and with the same store price.

Marta Blanco Ruiz

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