I chose this website because in the past years the amount of blogs is growing on the net. In a blog you can show others what you like throughout the net. In this case, I’m going to talk about a fashion website, that was born from a blog. The website’s name in www.shopnastygal.com
This site is a shop-online, where we have the chance of buying vintage clothes on the net, but you can also find new clothes designed by the creators of the site, and clothes from important firms.
When you visit the site you can see the clothes they sell, but you can also visit a fashion blog, in which you can check the daily style of a pair of girls, the creators.
What I found quite shocking is that they use a simple way of marketing to make them popular on the net, through other famous websites, where the post their designs and you can access the website throughout these.
I usually visit this type of sites, and I personally believe it’s a great way to promote your work and your ideas!

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