Homework: find a website related to advertising. Write a short description, following this estructure:

1. What is the URL (website address)?

First, I am going to give a description of the URL acronym. URL means Uniform Resource Locator, that is to say, it is a sequence of alphanumeric characters that
it is used to name resources, such as documents and images, for their location.
The URL of any resource of information is its address in Internet or, in popular lenguage, a URL is the Web address.
Second, I am going to explain what is a website related to advertising. “Advertising” means offering a space on a web page to other parties for the purpose of promoting or marketing any trade or business, or any service, related to a product. Advertising usually includes price information and other facilities or values indications.etc.

Once I have said all that, I have found the following website address (URL) related to advertising:

2. Who is the site aimed at?

The target of this page is to present the different products related to the denomination of iPhone. These products can be of interest to any person although young people are the main buyers.
According to the advertisement, the iPhone is also the best phone for business because it provides access to e-mail with support for Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.

3. What can they do there?

They can find information about the features of every product (ipod and iPhone) including technical details and prices. So the potencial buyers can see if the mobiles fit their needs and finally they can buy them by internet, using credit cards, or they can find information about the location of shops that sell these products.

4. What type of content does it contain?

The page is designed brightly and it contains photographs of the differents funtions that may be shown in the iPhone screen in order to atract the attention of consumers.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

Yes, what strike me more is that the iPhone is a high techology digital mobile. It is also one amazing ipod which provides the posibility of storing music. Additionally it has maps with GPS, internet with high definition and the users can see You Tube videos.etc.
I believe that the iPhone is the telephone of the future.

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