Homework advertisment

Sorry Mr. Roberts last week i had to format my computer and i dont have microsoft office so thats why i wrote the homework in wordpad.

1. The URL is http://adage.com/

2. The purpose of the web is to inform of the existence of a magazine named "Advertising Age". It is the official website of the publication. This is an specializing magazine about marketing and advertising industry. Nowadays it is vital to have a website for advertise or for promote your economy activity.

3. In this web we can read the latest news about economy or different blogs and pods. There are different columnist whose articles describe different aspects, or events of the life in an economic way. We can also sign up and register to have better conditions, this is a disadvantage becouse we need to log in if we want to read some articles or blogs. There are also a lot of videos of companies advertising there products.

4. This web has an informative content with an economical view.

5. I like this website, and i am going to keep in favourites, becouse it has the latest news. I found surprising all the information and the diferrent kind of articles that this web can offer to anyone. It is not only economic news, i read about the Oscars, Starbucks Coffee, Obama, Tom Brady ( American football player), so the conclusion is that this website is for people in general not only economist.

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