Homework 635

1.- The URL is http://www.timeforce.es/?lang=en.
Time Force is a company dedicated to manufacture sport watches mainly. These watches are strong, modern and with a sportive look. They are manufactured in Switzerland, so they have an excellent machinery. They are not very expensive, so we can consider them as a product of medium line. These watches are well known in Spain thanks to the the advertising campaign of famous characters like Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol and Elsa Pataky.

2.- This web is aimed at people between fifteen and thirty years old more or less, people with a casual and sportive way of life.

3.- They can advertise its products to a large number of people through the web. This media is free and have an enormous capacity to get to the people.

4.- It contains different types of information:
- Collections: Here they show every collections of Time Force, with fhotographs and some information about every watch (prices, colours…).
- Advertising: We can see the T.V. spots and some graphics.
- Downloads: We find different types of wallpapers and screensavers.
- Company:
a) News concerning the company and all sorts of prizes.
b) Dealers throughout the world.
c) Press releases in different mass media.
d) Contact with the company.

5.- It is interesting that the web is based mainly in the influence of these celebrities on the people. It is also interesting that we can send our comments of the products to the company.

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