1. What is the URL (website address)

The website’s address is http://padel.varlion.com/.

2. Who is the site aimed at?

The site is aimed at people in general. However those who visit this site are keen at paddle and practice it regularly.

3. What can they do there?

At this website people can find out the different technologies used by Varlion to create the new 2009 paddle rackets. They can also come across the players that compete for Varlion for the World Championship. On the other hand, people can also buy their products throughout Internet; watch the latest’s videos online or download screen savers and pictures in general.

4. What type of content does it contain?

This website contains professional information about paddle products used for competition. It also contains information about technologies used for the manufacture of rackets, clothes and accessories. They inform visitants about the whole line of distribution in Spain. It offers useful information for un-experienced players which might want to join this recent sport in future.

5. Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

Yes, I find especially interesting that a high brand like Varlion lets us know the manufacturing process of their rackets. I though this was top secret information for big companies like Varlion but I can now see how this is a way to attract clients. Honestly and from my point of view, this is a well thought marketing strategy.

Manuel Vicente Sáez-Merino Molina

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