The website I have chosen is http://www.lhw.com/ it is included in one of the most important range of hotels in the world: “The Leading Hotels of the World”.

It is aimed to people with a high economic level, who look for exclusiveness and luxury and they are not worried about how much the experience will cost.

As I have said before all the hotels registered in these group offer pleasure, luxury and exclusivity giving us the opportunity to enjoy for example spas, celebrations, golf tours, etc. Adding the splendid rooms and suites they offer you can find a wide range of different options in order to create your holidays, special events, etc.

In this website you can find a large amount of hotels placed over the five continents. You can also reserve on-line. So as to choose a destination and reserve the hotel of your dreams. In “experiences” you can plan your trip through different purposes: family getaways, romantic escapades, cold mountains, etc. You can find as well the latest offers and plan your vacations what is very handy.

I found very surprising the fact that there is a large variety of hotels in “The Leading Hotels of the World” like small luxury hotels, resorts and world-renowned hotels all around the world.

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