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To finance a campany is a hard and imprescindible work. Nowadays are increasing the number of ways that a company can finance themselve. But not all have the same importance. In my opinion, in the highest point of the Everest we can put the Loan. The financial banks lents money to people who want to be borrowed, and pass satissfactory all requirementes that the bank gives him. Our crisis is created in a big part, because requirements weren´t stricts. The positive point, is that the company should do better work, with more money. And disadvantage, is that never is comfortable to be in debt.

Maybe for this reason is better to make a flotation, wich consist in transform the company in to a public one, begining to issuing shares. For this reason is easier that people begin to know better your company, and when the company is not of one only person, it allows to sell part of the company without problems, and do not happen the same as Corteingles, that the owners are fighting. And another advantage is that the fusion is easier. The biggest disadvantage is that you can not make it public, if it is not good as they want. And another one, is that if the shares go out of your power is to difficult to know in what hands will be the company.

We can not forget another ways of finance a company like issuing bonds and making leasing. And is obvious than a huge company like Cocacola is not going to finance themself, as a little one like Donoso burger. And we have to know that. Only one thing is totally sure, if a cmpany wants to prospere it needs to be financed.

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