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URL means Uniform Resource Locator. Is a sequence of characters, according to a standard format that is used to designate resources such as documents and images on the Internet, by it location. The URL was a fundamental innovation in the history of the Internet. They were first used by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991, to allow the authors to establish hypertext links to documents on the World Wide Web (WWW or Web). Since 1994, the standards of the Internet, the concept of URL is embedded within the more general URI (Uniform Resource Identifier - Uniform Resource Identifier), but the term URL is still used widely.

On the website www.brithishjobs.net people can find any job the want. The aim of the website is to look for job. The task of finding work is done when the user chooses a number of options such as working part time or temporary, and so on. On the website you can find many options you can choose depending in what kind of job you want to search on the website. On the website, you have many offers, so many possibilities that you should not have any problem on finding the kind of job you like.

In my opinion, this kind of job offers on the internet it is very important because nowadays people need to find job very fast because we are in a flexible economy. It is very important that people have the job they want choosing the type of job they are going to take part, because if they are not happy in their job, the company will suffer from his state of mind. With this website everyone has the possibility of changing their actual job and start a new job being more comfortable.

Ultimately this website opens up a world of opportunities that must not be missed because actually we have to work where we need and where we like. In current times due to the economic crisis, it is difficult to find employment, so with this website can be a way to find job offers that might interest us. Institutions and governments should encourage this kind of websites so that people can inquire about job opportunities. With Government collaboration we can stop the unemployment and create more stable employment.

English Homework about “ www.brithishjobs.net ”

By José Díaz – Rato Luengo.

5th Marcho of 2009.

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