Ram Charan was born in 1939 in Uttar Pradesh, India. Ram Charan is a highly sought after business advisor and speaker. Dr. Charan has worked behind the scenes with top executives at some of the world's most successful companies Thomson Corporation, Novartis, DuPont,…
Dr. Charan's introduction to business came working with their family shoe shop in India. He get his degree in India of engineer and after he took a job in Australia. He doctored at Harvard Business School. He wrote many books and sold too many copies.


The first sign that the crisis is spreading all over the globe in all areas is that while Chad Holliday was in Japan with one of his clients, the CEO of the Japanese company says that he is concerned about the situation of the liquidity.
The next day, as he realizes the problem of the crisis, Holliday calls the leaders of his company for a meeting. The financial crisis was introduced in Chad’s business, also loaning was coming to an end. One example of this crisis was the cancellation of hotels reservations in Wilmington where there were numerous legal actions against companies that harmed the legal profession.

Car dialers share production programs with DuPont. These programs were terminated because they did not know what they would be able to sell.
Mindful of extreme cases, such as the 9/11 or hurricane, a crisis plan has been developed to analyse the cause of the crisis . Dupont gathers his team to work according to this plan.

Holliday turned to two very important people in his company an economist and the head of Dupont’s pension fund to explain how it was affecting his business.
Employees of Dupont had several meetings with their managers to communicate their role in the company and reduce costs. One of the ways of reducing costs was to dismiss consultants and contractors.

Holliday asked for advice to 14 leading companies about what steps should be taken. But the easiest way to minimize costs was to fire the contractors so as to avoid paying compensations.

Every measure taken was effective for six weeks.

Chad is an example of what it takes to be a good leader since uncertainty is not a problem for him.

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