1. Ram Charan was born in 1939 in Uttar Pradesh, India, he was a business consultant. Charan worked in the family shoe shop. He earned a degree in engineering from Banaras Hindu University and later studied at Harvard Business School, where he was awarded an MBA and he doctorate. He is not married and has no children. Charan has consulted for many well known companies like Bank of America, General Electric and KLM. He has written many books of business, like: Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty: Boards At Work, The New Rules for Getting the Right Things Done in Difficult Times, Boards That Deliver, Every Business Is A Growth Business, What The CEO Wants You To Know, Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business, Confronting Reality. Charan was elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Human. He is now a director of Austin Industries.

2. At the first sign of the global economic crisis, the Director General of DuPont decided to bring together senior executives of the company to analyze in depth the situation in which the company was, and to know how the economic crisis could affect the company. This economic situation could seriously affect the operation of DuPont, for example, Dupont use to paint more than 30 percent of American cars. Company expect a large demand reduction because of this economic situation. The directors of the company come together to combat the possible economic crisis that is looming. Clearly it was time to take action.
DuPont, fortunately, creates and activates an anti-crisis plan to combat this problem. The plan is rarely active (for example, eleven of September, major disasters, etc) but the crisis seems serious, internally and externally, and would affect the turnover of the company.
Holliday was warned about this delicate situation and for him it is essential to talk with employees to make them see the hard situation of our economy. Given this situation it is imperative for the company to have cash in their assets and reduce costs, especially costs of outsourced business.
Chad Holliday faced economic crisis and answered the call for leadership. Holliday did it very well, individually and using the head of all management team.
In this life you need a leader for all types of organizations, a person who manages using all his team to control the situations, because the leader will help everyone defending our interests.

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