This is short biography of the life of Ram Charan. He is an important and famous person,Ram is characterized for solving the hardest problem in the bussiness market. His first bussines activity started with a family shoe shop in India. He studied engeniering in India and then in the Harvard Bussines School,where he then tought. Many people know him for his educative programs. He has written lots of books and articles. He has won lots of awards. Now he lives in Dallas.


The manager of the company realized in Japan that his company could be affected by the echonomical crisis. When he gets back to the EE.UU he summoned his leaders,to ask them for the situation. The crisis affected all the company,at home and abroad, that is why the company developes a corporative plan,which is used very few times, and this was one of them. This plan shows that the crisis only affects to the financial section. the leaders were called by Holliday to explain him the situation in non-technical terms. Ten days later each employee was interviewed by a leader telling him the situation,and asking them for three aspects they could do to help the company. Soon the situation got better,but it was not enough. The solutions were not quickly enough,the best way of saving money was to cut back as much as possible on the over 20,000 outside contractor the company had hired. They must wait one or two years for the market to get normal. Holliday was a good leader,answering to all dificulties an making vital decitions.

Mark = 5

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