Ram Charan is an important and famous person, who solve many problems of bussiness activities in the world. He has a large proffesional life working for the first companiy in the bussines market.
His firsts days in the bussiness activities bagan in a family shoe shop in India where he studied engineering and after in the Harvard bussines school. He has won many different awards. In the last decade he wrotte many books an articledistings. He worked for the goverment and he was elected distinguished Fellow of the National Academy Of Human Resources

The Dipont´s manager realised that his company was been envolved in the crisis. When he returned to the USA called his executives to ask them wich was the situation of the company.
Problems apperared in the different sedates wher suffered a great decrease in 10 days.
all these things supposethe creation of a Corporative Plan that was not used very often. These Plan realised that the crisis was a finiancer crisis.
Mr Holliday talked whit the executives in a non-technical terms about the situation. In a period of 10 days each employee was interviewed telling them the situation and asking them for some help for the company. Soon thing became better but not quick enough.
The first actions were taken in six weeks.Chad Holliday is an example of leadership.

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