Biography: Ram Charan

Ram Charan is a well known business advisor, specialized in giving conferences and writting books about solving business problems. He has also worked with top executives of the financial and economic world providing advice and recomendations for achieving a profitable company.
He started working in the family shop in India, and he ended earning several degrees in prestigious faculties of the world.
He has written numerous books and articles, and has won several awards.

“Leathership in the era of economic uncertainty”:

In this book Ram Charan tells us how the CEO (Chad Holliday) of DuPont, reacted to the financial crisis.
When Chad Holliday was visiting a major customer in Japan, he realized that the financial industry´s problems were becoming a big global crisis, because credit was disappearing, leaving companies without financing.
First of all, he called the “Corporate Crisis” plan, which brought together the 17 standing teams that were dedicated to analyse the crisis. The next step was to communicate the situation to their employees. Holliday asked for the help of the company´s chief economist, and of the head of its pension fund, and asked the employees to give their opinions.
They took immediate crisis measures as well as longer-term actions, such as reduce costs and save the most cash possible by cutting back on the outside contractors that the company had hired.
In less than six weeks, Holliday analyzed the problems, took charge of the situation with the help of his people, and made the adequate decisions.

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