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Ram-Charam is the best advisor about business strategy. He has helped to write books as “Execution” and he has written others as “What the CEO wants you know. He is needed by the companies to solve problems. He has worked in very important companies as: GE, KLM, Bank of America, DuPont and others. His works consists of advice and implement strategies to solve problems.

How the CEO of DuPont reacted to the current economic crisis

The general manager of DuPont saw coming the current situation. He had a meeting with the managers of DuPont and they decided to start a series or measures to face the crisis.
The crisis started being a financial crisis caused by a confidence loss in Wall Street. Then it become in a global crisis.
The name of the plan which DuPont started is “Corporate Crisis Plan”. To avoid the panic in the employees the company told them about them like there was the situation and asked them for the most participation and rest on taken measures. These improve the crisis.
The measures taken were:
The actions aimed at conserving cash were taking hold quickly. Travel was curtailed sharply, internal meetings were canceled, and consultants and contractors were eliminated where possible.
The only one problem was the employees were not very quickly because the company gave them much tranquillity.
CEO and CFO, Holliday had a meeting with other companies to show them his measures, but this companies thought in measures for in a long time.
Now DuPont is prepared to solve the problems which could come. This is what has to do the rest of the companies.

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