Ram Charan was born in 1939 in Uttar Pradesh (India). He first studied at Banaras Hindu University before going to United States to study at Harvard Business School, where he finally obtained an MBA and a doctorate.
As a consultant, he has been working for well-known companies like Bank of America or KLM and he is also known as a famous writer with books such as Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty, Boards That Deliver or Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business.
He is member of the National Academy of Human Resources since 2000 and has named as a distinguished member in 2005. He is also one of the directors of Austin Industries.


This introduction tells us the importance of having the figure of a leader that could react to any uncertainty, never paralyzed for nothing, get people together and always take decisive actions.
What I said clearly represent the figure of Chad Holliday, a DuPont CEO that react to the economic crisis as an authentic leader.
After a visit to a major customer in Japan, Chad realized that the economic crisis was spreading globally and moving into the financial industry. His first reaction was to plan an inmediately meeting with the six top leaders in his company and tryed to protect many aspects of DuPont's business.
As the evidence for an economic downturn take part, DuPont decided to put appropriate disaster-control procedures. He brought together the 17 standing teams and realized that the crisis was only financial. With Holliday's leadership, the company's bosses tryed to explain their employees the roots of the crisis and the way it was affecting the company. They seemed to get it and started cancelling meetings, consultants, etc.
However, Holliday had a feeling that people still didn't know the urgency of plans because they were talking about things would be good for months when the crisis were totally expanded. But his boss had all more or less under controle.
Before the inmediate crisis measures were being put in place, DuPont had more or less solutions to the slowdown of the economy as well as to the inflationary trends.
This reflects an extraordinary reaction to the problem they had and represent the main idea of what a leader should be.

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