Ram Charan wrote many important books about Business and he colaborates with important companies in economic cases.


The first sign of world crisis he remarks was during a travel in Japan when he notes the concern for the cash in a company and the precautions where taken for that.
when he returned from his travel he convened a reunion with the leaders of their company to know how was the situation and how could the situation become.
they knew that if appeared distrust in the EEUU ”economy it could became distrust in the rest of the world.
The first signs of a recession were appearing and many companies begin to suffer and also begin to reduce expenditure.
DuPont convocated all their employees so they can taolk with their boss and he would explain then how to keep the cash in the company abd too reduced costs.
But Holliday saw that the employees where not concerned really about the real problema so they look and star supervising other companys and see how do they get on with the crisis.
They decided Too reduced costs during a long time because this crisis is going to be long and difficult for the company, but they have been trying to put all their effort to get on with it.

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