I have chosen the website because it shows the main idea of advertising and it makes us

easier another way of betting. Bwin is nowadays one of the most important bet companies and is the sponsorship of

some of the best football teams in te world as for example AC. Milan or Real Madrid CF.

The website is directed to capture new clients. That´s why there are plenty of advertisemennts in other websites such as, or It is also directed to habitual clients that instead of giong to bet

to casinos can do iy online. This entreprise offers lots of betting possibilities. The clients can bet their money in a safe

way in different kinds of sports (football, basketball, Moto Gp, F-1,etc.) in different leagues, also games like poker,

blackjack, roulette are options where the player can win or lose money.

Before doing this work I didn´t know we have the choice of betting so developed.

Fernando de Roda Ezquerra

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