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This website is a Mexican in the stock market, which serves to effectively control and regulate the financial institutions’ and operations. Also, they manage to avoid risks and provide protection to investors and the general public. That is to say, that if a company induces a problem, this institution has legal measures to punish it.

This web is aimed to financial institutions, general public and investors like I commented before.
The user who enters this site can find the entities that belong to this institution, regulations …

The main content that we can see is economic. It is divided different sections such as the securities industry, the banking sector the non-bank financial institutions outside, the stock market the statistics the international fear to economic disasters…

One of the things that I found most interesting is that this website offered job vacancies. This source of employment is specially attractive because of the serious crisis we live in now. Like everything, this source has disadvantages. One of them is that to be selected as employee of the CNBV you must pass several stages of exams.
Another thing that I surprised of, and it is the reason for what I chose this site, is the clarity of the website. Many of the websites of the Spanish institutions lack precision and information and sometimes, you have to make a call to be properly informed by some employee because public is not well explained.

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