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Banca March is divided into two main areas: "Personal Banking" and "Private Banking". This bank is focused on a wide variety of people, from debit cards for young people to large investors.
In "Personal Banking" the bank provides: Accounts, Deposits, Morgage and Loans, credit/debit Cards, Investment Funds, Insurance, and March Premium Service. In "Private Banking" it offers: Investments Funds, External Investments Funds, SICAV (venture capital), Deposits/Structured Products, and other Private Banking products.

I am very surprised as I have found an offer of a deposit in foreign currency (pounds). If you desire you can invest your funds in Pounds, with the Premium Account they offer you a deposit in sterling at a really atractive interest rates and with different expiring terms, so you may choose the one you prefer: three, six or twelve months. This deposit is available for March Premium cardholders only. The minimum investments is of £3,000.
In my opinion this small bank is a good option to get significant returns on your savings and have your money safe.

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