At present, the financial system arrives at its potential clients an ample fan of products that forces the accomplishment of a study, in order to have the information to choose the most favorable supply. Regardless of the precise supply of the product that interests us, it is necessary to consider aspects such as the attention to the client, the facility which conducts operations, commissions, time management, etc. Considering the previous information, in my case I have decided the Group ING. (dedicated to banking services, insurances and assest management), whose Web page is It is one of the first financial groups in the world, leader of the direct bank in Spain, the first direct bank of the world, first financial organization in Holland, present in more than 50 countries, and has about 85 million clients. In 2006, 2007, and 2008, ING was ranked number one by Ranking Global Fortune 500.

This group offers to people and to families, generally interest saving and investments, because they do not acquire commissions, offer credit cards or debit cards to you for free. Also if you domicile the list, they give back 2% to you of light receipts, telephone bills, gas and water. In addition they have an ample product range and services that facilitate the saving to any client from the amount they choose. ING makes it easier to earn and keep money within the bank. Most interesting, is the facility which it is possible to conduct operations through the Internet, meaning clients do not have to go to the bank itself to manage their finances. The facility allows clients to take out money from tellers 4B without acquiring commissions. In order to attract clients they have two basic methods; the publicity, and the confidence, gained through a good management and seriousness, as well as the benefits that are obtained.

They have drawn my attention because of two of its offered services. From my point of view they are really interesting denominated the Account Orange and MortgageOrange of stable type. First it offers to its clients during the 4 first months, a yield of 3.5% TAE, and discharge yield. Also the remaining months, they are against 0.5% TAE of other banking organizations, without concerning the entered amount, all this with total availability of the money and once again without commissions. Mortgage Orange of Estable Type, reflects a mortgage in which during 3 years you will have a fixed interest, as well as a fixed quota, before the evolution of the market (possible slopes and ascents of the Euribor). After these 3 years the person who contract the mortgage will decide to keep following the contract, or they wish, to change to a mortgage with variable fixed interest. This supply can be favorable to clients who need the security and stability that another type of interest does not offer to them and that as well can change their decision, if they decide to. Another one of the supplies that arrange is a Plan of Pensions, in which the person decides if they establishes a variable plan, fixed or dynamic. The commissions are low, and has great fiscal advantages (by each 1000 Euros, it is possible to be claimed tax relief up to 430 Euros in the declaration of the rent.), all this in a world with tendency to the aging of the population. Really, the Web page that I have looked for offers clear information on the objectives and reflects the desire of the bank to catch the attention of clients of different ages, and consequently different objectives and projects that to offer. That is to say, a bank with a modern method and innovation, and that demonstrates day to day the effectiveness of this bank.

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