Banking123456789 is the website of a private bank of Spanish origin that has offices worldwide and is characterized mainly by the special treatment to clients as well as its security and confidence.

Spanish leader in private banking with more than 36,700,000 of assets under management. Result of the merger between Banco Santander and Banco de Negocios Banif Personal Bankers.

It has facilities like being able to see from your position in the mobile Banif and view your past as well as movements to send your mail and print.
From the website you can enter your user and get into Internet banking. This allows you to compare their investment portfolios to the portfolios recommended by Banif according to your profile.
Currently Banif internet banking allows customers to access the entity with the highest security standards to consult their integrated Banif and analyze the details of the different positions that make up their heritage. Also, if you wish, you can enable access to operating permit transfers between your accounts and transfers to any bank.

It also has expert consultants that can advise you on any investment, financing .. Whenever you have any problems or any questions contara experts for solutions.

Banif addition is part of a non-governmental association with which it cooperates in voluntary projects.
is the market.

Banif works undertaken a comprehensive study on its financial situation. Subsequently, select the most appropriate market opportunities for each profile. Create an investment proposal to your needs and finally, actively managing their investments.

In conclusion, the proposed investment fits their needs and thus maximizing the potential

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