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I have chosen Barclays bank because it's one of the most importants of Spain. But this bank is not only important in spain,it has a great importance in the rest of the world. Barclays is one of the largest multinational of the financial world by market capitalization, it operate in over 50 countries and it has around 143,000 employees. They are specialists in transferring, lending, investing and protecting money for more than 38 million customers all over the world. This bank has more than 300 years of history.
This site aimed to all the clients who wants the bank to finance their economic goods, like for example mortgages, current account, a credit card,overdraft, and other economic affairs.
this bank has a great diversity of bills, which are directed to clients with differents economic levels. This website is aimed to young people, companies, personal banking…Barclays currents accounts are a convenient and effective way of managing your money on a day-to-day basis. Barclays offers you a wide range of accounts tailored to meet the needs of every customer.

In this website you can find a menu that help you to solve your doubts and problems that you want to consult. For example if you want to know the different types of accounts you can see that exist different accounts To satisfy the different needs.The same thing happens with the credit cards. we will be able to consult information about deposits,loans, mortgages, funds, investment,pension plans, insurances and all the services that you can imagine.

From my point of view you can do a lot of operations saving your time, and your money and it´s very easy to use it. I find surprising how technological advances had helped to facilitate things, practically from house a client of this bank can carry out the different movements in his average bill without the need to have to go to the branch.

I have found surprising in this website the section in which you are able to use your electronic identity card. This DNI contains an integrated circuit which is prepared to store and process data with higher security measures. Another interesting section,more than interesting is practice, it is the one in which you are able to find the nearest branch from wherever you want by simply introducing your post code, you can know where you can havee access to their bank and how far it is from where you live or work.

I find specially interesting the young account for daughters or sons of a Barclays client. It offers a lot of advantages; you can enjoy a personal and flexible tool to manage your money, is paid, commission has no maintenance, in addition you can get a loan on very favorable terms, Regular statements with clear and straightforward information on all your transactions, payments and deposits, will help to improve control of your expenses. and many more advantages.

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