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Banking:, is an URL aimed at the international journal of business, Financial Times. There, they give us the different news about economics, management and office life, world affairs, business and markets. As everybody knows, all this fields are strictly related with banking.

I choose this web site, because financial times has the highest reputation and number of sells of his category. And Martin Wolf, writer of Fixing global finance (being banking an important theme in it), is his economics columnist.
It is very special, because the first time that I visited this page, it made in my head a generally idea of business, markets, economics, finance, and public policy of the moment. FT, get more interest, because his global view is independent, authorative and distinctive. Furthermore, today, Sunday Mar 22 2009, it has an interesting article, wich title is, Banker fury over tax ‘witch-hunt’, that talks about, the actual problems with the bonuses to executives.

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