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The URL is This is the website of Societe Generale Group, who is one of the largest bank in Europe and the second of France. It have all sort of bank activities.

The porpuse is to give general information about the bank and its internal divisions, latest news, financial information and so on for clients interested in it.

They can know the organization of the bank, their divitions and sometimes they can consult their finance, and also a general idea of the latest bank news.

The content we can find here is:
- Societe Generale Group: our bussiness, strategy, key figures, Societe Generale share, women and men of the group, corporate governance, management, our history and group´s values.
- Sponsorship.
- Press releases.
- Careers.
- Investors room.

It is very interesting to notice all the activities related to social responsavility and sponsorship that this group have. For instance: they have sponsorships in arts, music, sports like golf or rugby, the bridge, the French Federation for Handicapped Sport, and Corporate Citizenship (help to professional integration, education…). Normaly banks include in their webs only general and fiancial information but including this activities they create a very positive image of the group.

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