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The website is a financial institution for persons involved in management activities, investment, financing,saving…
BBVA is a global group of financial services that offers products and services to its customers both in the Spanish market and in the international one. Works to build lasting relationships with their customers. They defined their vision as a company with an idea: "We work for a better future for people".

What i found especially interesting is that BBVA ,to expire with his aim it established a few beginning of action that define his commitment with his groups of interest(clients, shareholders, personnel, suppliers) and with the society in general. This commitment is summarized in a word: Forward.
They also have advanced services of banking as Internet, and that will be able to realize his operations from his company with the maximum comfort.
BBVA's private banking is a specialist in asset management in different continents; they offer their services on a personal and a professional staff and family groups.
They rely on a qualified organization of professional experts using the latest technology to take advantage of investment opportunities around the world and get the best financial return for each tax client.
Finally there are some beginnings that BBVA has like: they see the customer as the center of business and innovation as a lever for progress.

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